Name: E. L. Drayton

Age: 33

Location: Los Angeles, USA

Occupation: Author

Hobbies: Reading / Video Games

Favorite Author: Agatha Christie

Favorite Movie: Summer Stock




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​E.L. Drayton was born and raised in the Bronx. The daughter of a former high school English Teacher, her single mother taught her how to read and write before she even started a formal education. She quickly picked up reading and understanding books well beyond her age so it’s no surprise her passion has always been writing.

She went on to college and studied Psychology instead of taking the expected route of Literature or Creative Writing, for fear she would lose her desire to one day become a famous author. Not taking any formal writing courses, however, never deterred her from her goal. In fact, it made her want it more. She spent countless hours building up a library of books from all genres in order to learn from those she considers to be the best. All throughout her years of writing she never lost her thirst for knowledge from reading others’ works of fiction.

Deciding to become a self-published author is something she’s most excited about. This will give her the opportunity to live out her dreams on her own terms and in her own time.

She’s currently working on an adult Illustrated Novel Series, Twin Crossing, due out in quarterly E-Book installments with a Print Book coming soon. Her other projects include The Book of Snow Series, for YA fans of The Hunger Games or Divergent Series. Also, a free Web Series, Unnatural Things, a name which she hopes to start writing all of her works under.

She currently resides in the Bronx.

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